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Voices of Unity

Voices of Unity is a free virtual speech competition that aims to promote multiculturalism by encouraging students to share their perspective. At STREAM EC we recognize that educating students on diversity and raising awareness about it is increasingly important. Our world is interconnected and multi-cultural; learning to respect and honor that is critical. 

Registration for the competition is now closed!


The competition is open to students around the world in three age categories: 5-9, 10-14, and 15-18 year olds. 

Congratulations to the winners!

15 - 18 age category: Reyhan Habib (1st), Friday Praise (2nd), Stephanie Saunders (3rd)

11-14 age category: Luke Zhang (1st), Veronica Li (2nd), Ella Feng (3rd)

5-10 age category: Arianna Huang (1st), Yanchu Lin (2nd), Yanfei Lin (3rd)

Theme for this competition: Diversity, Inclusion and Multiculturalism


Some guiding questions participants can use to help them generate responses to the theme are:

  • What are ways youth can promote diversity in their community? 

  • What does diversity mean to you?

  • How do we recognize cultural differences while embracing unity? 

  • What does an inclusive society look like?

  • Cultural appreciation vs. Cultural appropriation

Voices of Unity Team


Nicole Sun

Contest Host

Ann Qian.jpeg

Ann Qian

Contest Host


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