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Volunteer With Us

Volunteering with Stream Education Center gives students extensive benefits. They get first-hand experience with teaching, working in a healthy environment, working with children and being a leader, and good time management. These are all skills that will be useful both now and in the future. We see many of our volunteers growing in their own ways and forming strong bonds with their students. As a registered non-profit, STREAM EC can also offer volunteer hours as well as reference letters for our most committed volunteers.

In the Classroom


As the backbone of the organization, teachers work directly with students, acting as a valuable part of their learning journey.

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Social Media Manager

The social media manager is a crucial connection between us and the general public. They will consistently update and manage STREAM EC's social platforms. 


Human Resources

As the backbone of any organization, human resources focuses on communications, organizing events, and quality control.

Volunteer Form:

Required When Volunteering for a Teaching Position:

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